Handmade Filand

Handmade Filand

Filandia is a European country located on the edge of the Baltic Ocean, its capital is Helsinki. It borders Russia, Switzerland and Norway.

The country of the Northern Lights, is known in the peninsula for its unique, simple and quality geometric designs.

Filandia appears in the ranking of the happiest nations in the world, its inhabitants enjoy a high reputation for citizenship and education.
In August our handmadebox brings you a mini jug with mugs to delight your evenings, drinks or decorate your home, its commercial value is $ 65 °° + international transportation,

They were made in Kyyrölä, a ceramic craft and design center with a centuries-old tradition for the manufacture of decorative and household items. All the products are handmade. The factory store offers an exclusive ceramic for a gift or daily use.

This month the handmade box has

Handmade Filand
All our dishes are suitable for the oven, microwave and dishwasher.
Kyyrölän Savi is the oldest traditional pottery workshop in Finland. Taken from www.visitfinland.com

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 Enjoy You Handmade Box, the next month will be great!


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