About US

We connect creators of unique products to be sold to exclusive buyers through an online store administrated by a team of individuals who are changing the world with their handwork, excellence, joy, and love.

We have four lines of products

  1. Handmade gifts (for the entire United States).
  2. Hand-packet fragile groceries (for the whole United States).
  3. Homemade food (for the New Castle County, Delaware, USA).
  4. Prep-Center: labeling services, hand packing of merchandise (for businesses with sales in the United States, without any presence in the United States).

We believe on God, above all things. We believe that He exists, He sees everything, and that it is His love which encourages us, and that we will soon see his son Jesus. His love inspires us and fills us with:

  1. Creativity and simplicity as our development axis and innovation for our creators’ success and our customers’ satisfaction. One step at the time transforms the world. We separate the big problems in small and simple pieces. We do not complicate ourselves.
  2. Respect: We do not believe that respect is a consequence. We do think that it is the root of success. It is not gained or built. It exists and is given without any conditions.
  3. Joy and hope: Everything will always be better. We work with the firm belief that we are making our way, full of optimism about today and faith about a promising tomorrow.
  4. Equality: We are all different. It does not matter if we believe in the same thing. It is not our job to convince you about what we consider is true; however, our respect, love, and kindness are the same for all. Nobody will think that he or she is better than the others. ALL LIVES ARE TO BE LOVED AND IMPORTANT.

By 2025, we will enter the top of 100 of the most recognized online stores in the United States, having at least 2 millions of creators, and exceeding the selling of 4 million of products annually.


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